Jackie Parker Nude

The big breasted Jackie Parker outdoors and nude and showing us everything, including sporting a very shaven pubic area!  Another vastly underrated model and not enough of her around, but did love her sets with Lorraine Burnett.
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  1. too many good pictures here to comment all the time – but Jackie is in great shape there

    • Well thank you for taking the time to comment on this one, as all comments are very welcome and appreciated and yes one of the better Jackie shots. Feel free to comment as much or as little as you want I won't get offended 🙂

  2. Read an article in a 80’s Mayfair? I think… guy interviewed a name photographer he said she was a devil to work with .. ha ha .. would open wide when not mean to ! He said had to can a lot of stuff – couldn’t use the shots to hot : )


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