Terry Graham as Fay Richmond

Three stunning pages of Terry Graham as Fay Richmond from Girl Illustrated, Souvenir Edition No.2 (March 1970).  She has also appeared in other magazines as Laela Simons, but GI seems to be the only magazine where she appears on various occasions as Fay.  I must admit the above colour shot in just tight rubber boots is one of my favourites, even with the editing out of the pubic hair!
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  1. Carnival also sometimes referred to her as Fay Richmond, and I think she has also appeared as Sonia Mitchell as well as Laela Simons. Most of the time, though, she worked under her own name – always assuming, of course, that Terry Graham was her real name. Most magazines have her coming from Norwich, several have her living in Holland park, and as Laela she is supposed to live in Manchester. Her

    • I've already mentioned in various posts how the magazines tend to be creative with the details of models, so stats etc are to be taken with a pinch of salt, but academic research is always good to have! Thanks for all the info David and you're not showing any obsessive characteristics about Terry Graham at all 🙂


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