The Perfect Pamela Pose! (Original)

Just when you thought seen everything, something else pops in to your mailbox that makes you stop and stare and this was one of those images. A fantastic image of Pamela Green in a perfect pose, perched on a column by Harrison Marks one assumes.

Thanks to Simon for sending it through and adding some context around the image as it’s one I’ve never come across. It was used on a single image calendar back in the 1950’s (1957 I think), the type that had a company’s name branded on it. I saw a few of these on eBay some months back and they appeared to be banner size and quite long, with the branding at the top and the calendar part below the image. Very rare and they went for more than I could afford! Anyone seen or know of any other of these type of calendars, not just Pamela?

Still an absolutely stunning image of Pam and as a redhead and not Rita. It seems she went through a redhead phase in the late 1950’s as I’m finding more and more of her as a redhead with both short and long hair.
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  1. a perfect picture of Venus the goddess of love , superb !

  2. I&#39;ve a bunch of these. Some doubles. I think there was about 6 of them. There&#39;s one with Pam in a bath tub as well.<br />Y.

  3. I&#39;ve been a bit rubbish with of late. Most things still in storage. You&#39;ll have to come round one day.


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