June Showing a Bit More Backstage!

A beautifully lit and posed shot of June Palmer by Harrison Marks on the ‘Backstage’ set, as well as showing us a little bit extra in a glimpse of her smooth pubic region and labia.

What amazes me in most of her images and films is how expert she became at posing and moving in front of the camera while keeping her exposed pubic region hidden or covered away from the camera lens. I spent a pleasant evening a few days ago watching most of her 8mm and 16mm films (provided by John W) and even in those she seems so graceful in the way she uses her body and hands to protect her modesty. Today seeing such a shot is common place, but back then this would definitely have been on the risqué side and probably never directly published.

More on the collection of June films to come soon …
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  1. How can I get a copy of this one?
    She is simply beautiful

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