Tina Madison – That Disapproving Look!

Tina Madison giving you a disapproving look as you try not to stare at her tits! The shots I’ve seen and posted of Tina can be very hit or miss, sometimes she can look really good in them and others a bit rough around the edges.  This falls into the first category, as she actually looks OK in this shot, which comes from the ‘1950’s Glamour Book’ and is a companion to these shots.


Margaret’s Midnight Shadow!

A very happy Margaret Nolan showing off her big smile and midnight shadow in front of the fire place! Taken by Harrison Marks and reprinted in Magnificent Models No.1 this shot of Margaret must have still been easier to retouch then one of the fuller bush models

June Behind The Scenes

Another couple of beautifully posed shots of June Palmer by Harrison Marks on the ‘Backstage’ set. The top shot is a great shot of June wearing that skimpy little bikini bottom, just covering her modesty, which in other shots is missing to expose more of June.


Barbara Halks – The Seduction of a Door!

Barbara Halks showing off her very nice behind as she clings seductively to a door-frame! I’ve seen others from this set of Barbara, but unknown as to where this was originally published, but was reprinted in Magnificent Models No.2. One of my favourite later models of Harrison Marks.