Pamela, The Pose & The Rose

An early shot of Pamela Green by Harrison Marks from a set where she is seen in various nude poses with a rose. A rare early shot of her where she had pubic hair that can be clearly seen in this shot and the collars and cuffs match! Taken in the late 1950’s and restored from a scan of a silver gelatin photograph.
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  1. Yet another fantastic picture of the fabulous Pamela.Forever "the most beautiful woman in the world"

  2. In the introduction to her segment on the website,her natural hair colour is described as “blonde”.Given this particular study,surely that cannot be correct!!!

    • Thanks Oakwood and to be honest I haven’t looked at the intro’s for a while, so they probably need reviewing and updating. Obviously Pam was dark/brunette first and then turned to the more familiar dyed blonde that we know, but I’ll check with Yak who knew Pam 🙂

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