Pamela, The Pose & The Rose

An early shot of Pamela Green by Harrison Marks from a set where she is seen in various nude poses with a rose. A rare early shot of her where she had pubic hair that can be clearly seen in this shot and the collars and cuffs match! Taken in the late 1950’s and restored from a scan of a silver gelatin photograph.

June & The Lamp

A young June posing with some sort of lamp and this image was published in Nouvelle Serie De Studio No.48. This was published by Nordisk Bladcentral for the Scandinavian market, hence the allowance of pubic hair, even if it was edited in!  

The images in these publications tended to have a blue hue to them and seemed to be rather more edited than the original Harrison Marks shots, which gives them a painting like feel.

Hazel Taylor – Spot The Difference?

A good example below of how Harrison Marks edited and airbrushed his photo’s so they got past the censorship laws in the UK and allowed ‘artisitic’ nudes to be published.

The Uncensored Version of Hazel Taylor in All Her Untouched Natural Glory!

How The Same Photo Appeared in Solo No.60 (1968) With Her Pubic Region Discreetly Airbrushed Out, So Not To Show Any Pubic Hair & Leaving Everything To The Imagination!