Classic Doris!


Doris Hurst from a scan of another original silver gelatin print.

As I’ve said before I just love the look of Doris. A fantastic shot of her kneeling in black stockings and high heels with those big round tits proudly sticking out!

Doris Knows What You’re Looking At!

The stunning elegance of 1950โ€™s model Doris Hurst from an original silver gelatin print.

I donโ€™t know why but I just love the look of Doris in this shot, or should that be love her look. A fantastic shot of her sat leaning against the chair in stockings knowing full well we are all looking at those big round tits! I love Doris and her fabulous 1950โ€™s style and figure, just wish I had more shots of her.

A Starry Eve!

I was pretty certain I’d posted some shots from this photo set of Eve Eden before, but apparently not! So here is the first of several shots of Eve in sheer negligee posing in front of a starry background. A cracking shot of Eve and her tits through that sheet top and the rest of the set is as equally revealing ๐Ÿ™‚

Would You Adam & Eve It!

The visually stunning figure of Rosa Domaille or Eve Eden as she was later known. This is a silver gelatin print from several sets of Rosa posing in front of different backgrounds including this wall and various other wallpapers. Not much more to say really other than feast your eyes on that figure and enjoy.