Vivienne Warren – All on View!

Another great find, this time a full frontal uncensored shot of Vivienne Warren from Amor No.4 (1963). Never seen this shot or any from this set before of Vivienne, but a great shaven view of her! Unknown as to the photographer, but could have been Harrison Marks?

This comes from another Danish publication this time Amor No.4 in 1963, by ABC publishers and features a much more uncensored view of girls from the early 1960’s. Plenty of full on views with no re-touching, with most of the girls showing off their magnificent bushes or like Vivienne showing off the smooth shaven look.

It seems the Danish publications had a much more liberal view on what could be shown and publications such as Amor, Le Sexy and Tabu by the same publishing house all seem to have published some very familiar models in all their glory, including several Harrison Marks models on some covers! Anyone seen or got any copies as they seem very hard to find over here?

Thanks to Nils again for sending this fine publication and great shot of Vivienne.
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