Caron Gardiner’s Risky Rear View



Two uncensored shots of Caron Gardiner wearing just high heels and giving us a rear view of more than we normally see.  Taken from two restored 35mm slides in September 1962, which were originally colour but converted to black and white as so badly faded. Two great views of Caron, especially the top shot 🙂
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  1. Caron is one of my favorite HM models. This is just amazing!!! If only we could have a revealing shot of June Palmer like that. I look at your blog every day, so please continue your fine work!<br />Jeff

    • Thanks for all your comments Jeff and do keep coming back :)<br />It seems most models for Harrison Marks did more revealing shots at some point, apart from a few like June and Pamela Green. In a way it keeps an air of mystery around them, not that we still wouldn&#39;t like to see those shots!

  2. Right you are. Of course the models beauty is all over so very pretty, they however may be a bit shy to show all of it.`<br />At least a theory of mine who only have seen all UK-beautìes in magazines. <br />Maybe even the photographer kept some secrets for himself away from the world. <br />Interesting to see so many models having scars on their right side of the beautiful stomach..Appendicitis

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