The Collinson Twins – Sisterly Love!

The Collinson Twins (Madeleine and Mary) from Rex No.1 showing a bit of sisterly love to one another! Both posed for GHM at one point or another and obviously went on to pose for many other magazines together, including Playboy. There’s something about these shots that just seem a little more risqué than just posing together, but it does get ones mind racing amongst other things!

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  1. By the flippin’eck !! I know these two are sexy (very) but incest ??? Before making their film “Twins of Evil” I believe they made another film in which, hall I state, they got rather close to one another ? caused quite a stir at the time. They were very good too in HM’s film “Halfway Inn” when they were aged only 17 , both with shaven pussies.
    Sadly very recenty I think it was Madeleine who passed away.

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