Alison Wills – Mayfair Cover (November 1981)

Alison Wills on the cover of Mayfair Vol.16 No.11 (Nov 1981). I will always have an affinity to Mayfair, as it was one of my first introductions into glamour/men’s magazines as a young adult. This cover along with a few others was one of my favourites and always manages to get a reaction! There’s nothing particularly risque about the cover, other than maybe the way Alison is posing, but it does it for me!

The shots of Alison within the magazine are equally as good and reveal far more of what’s beneath that white leotard than the cover, but sometimes less is more and makes the mind work 🙂 Incidentally Alison’s very young almost school girl like look helped her progress her career as a model in the 1980’s. She went on to appear in several other magazine’s and did a lot more explicit stuff in magazines with titles like Sweet Little 16 and so on, which I don’t think I need to explain further!

I have other very vivid memories of Mayfair including a young Linda Lusardi and a severe crush on Rosemary England, or least some very nice bits of her. All of which have probably helped drive and develop my tastes as I got older, but I always seem to revert back to my Mayfair days!

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  1. Mayfair that was important for me too. But Mummy intercepted my ripped brown envelope. She clearly didn’t approve ! My dream was Millie I so wanted to be her Lollipop boy.

  2. Many years ago there was a copy floating around the workplace. The magazine used to have a joke page and there was a feature that if you sent a joke in and it got published, then you got a years free subscription. There was also a side splitter of a joke doing the rounds as well. Cant remember it but I sent it in and it got published. The following month my free subscription arrived and continued for a total twenty four months due to Mayfair overlooking and neglecting to end it after twelve.
    Thanks Mayfair

  3. Ah, good old Mayfair ! far superior to that Penthouse mag with all those soft focus photo’s !

  4. I was always intrigued by Mayfair’s sub-title: “Entertainment for Men”. To an impressionable teenager the notion of beautiful girls being presented as entertainment was thrilling. Not to mention the enjoyment of seeing them in various stages of undress until fully naked….


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