Striking A Pose With Pat! (1959)

Pat Davis striking a pose for Harrison Marks in the studio from Solo No.10 P21 (1959) and looking very slick with it as well!

Plus an uncensored copy from the original negative showing just a hint of her smooth pussy in the shadows. I’ve also flipped the image to it’s correct view with her wedding ring on the correct hand, obviously GHM prefered it the other way in the magazine.

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  1. it’s great to have both versions to compare, i do believe they would flip images sometimes when printing by accident

    • Yeah having both is great and as my collection of originals grows I have more and more. it’s just remembering to check if I have a copy of the original to share 🙂

  2. I have often wondered if some of the models of this time put make up on their nipples. Pat’s seem to be perfectly round with a hint of a darker edge.

    • I made a comment some time ago, that I worked with a guy many years ago who was quite proud that his daughter was a photographic glamour model. He was adamant that a warm rough towel was vigorously applied before and during shooting.

      However, I also heard that lipstick (applied with a brush) was regularly used particularly in black and white photos.

      Leaving that aside, doesn’t er! Mrs Davis have a magnificent superstructure? some people get all the luck… didn’t have the greatest facial features though, if you can tear your eyes away.

      • I remember your comment about the rough towel and had heard that lipstick was applied to some nipples as well :0
        Ms Davis has a fabulous figure and she’s constantly in my list of most viewed pages for good reason!


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