Nylon Flash No.16 – Super Four Girl Special!

An updated version of the front and back cover of Nylon Flash No.16 Magazine featuring Angela Duncan (Trudi Ayre), Gerry Brown and Tracy Reeves of the super four girl special.  The final girl, bottom left looks very familiar and I have several images of her, but as of yet her name escapes me?
Thanks to Tonal for reminding me I had a full copy of this magazine 🙂
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  1. I have come accros Nylon Flash issue No 9 fantastic 2 girl special (new size! More pageswould any collecters be interested in it

  2. Aha, so the blonde is Gerry Brown; that’s another (to me) unknown who is now named. Thanks Wonder.

    That said, I have a picture of a blonde Tracy Reeves, who looks like a different woman. Maybe it is, maybe it is the same girl. A change of hair colour, and like a typical guy, I am totally fooled.


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