An Oiled Up Loft View (Original)

A beautiful shot of an unknown model by Harrison Marks on the loft set. This model has a fantastic body and figure and It’s even more highlighted with the use of the oil and clever use of lighting. You can even see the oil running down and dripping off those big rounded tits, making the shot even better 🙂


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  1. Isn’t this Angela Jones?

  2. Wonderful photo! It features everything that I love about GHM’s work and his choice of models. I am not sure it’s oil running off her body – I think it’s more likely cold water was sprayed onto her oiled body. (Which might explain her erect nipples.)

  3. A really classic 60s style pose. Lovely clean lines enhanced by depilation. Could Wonder award her a Slit Tag so aficionados can find her more easily?


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