Pamela Green – A Warming View


It wouldn’t be the Kamera Club Xmas advent calendar without the iconic Pamela Green by Harrison Marks. A stunning shot of Pam wearing a long fur lined cloak opened to reveal what lies beneath. Pam was also posing on the Dungeon set which was used in various shoots including Witches Brew. 

A very warming view of Pam and her perfect curves to enjoy on a cold dark day 😉

Jennifer – A View From Both Sides


An interesting couple of shots of Jennifer Garland by Harrison Marks. I believe both shots were taken at the same time from different angles and cameras, maybe GHM with one and one of his assistants with the other?

Everything lines up, Jennifer’s pose, her hands and the angle she is looking up at the camera. I always assumed Harrison Marks took all the shots with different cameras, but this seems to show shots were taken at multiple angles at the same time, which would make sense. Either that or she had to hold that pose for ages as he moved around with his camera and set it up again 🙂

Mary Collinson (1952 – 2021)


Sad to hear today that the beautiful Mary Collinson the of the Collinson twins has died. Apart from her iconic status as an Hammer actress, she was chosen as Playboy magazine’s Playmate of the Month in October 1970, together with her sister Madeleine. They were the first identical twin Playmate sisters.

Prior to their appearance in Playboy one of the first people to use them was the glamour photographer Harrison Marks who cast them as saucy maids in his short film Halfway Inn. The film, made for the 8mm market, was shot sometime around July 1970, when a still from the film was used in a Marks’ advert that ran in that month’s issue of Continental Film Review magazine.

Above is a stunning shot of Mary also by Harrison Marks and shows off her fabulous figure perfectly.

R.I.P. Mary Collinson

Jane Mathews – Take a Pose!


A fabulous shot and pose of Jane Mathews by Harrison Marks in his studio. Jane is perfectly framed as she sits there posing between the camera and lighting with the obligatory leopard skin rug. Several images of other models on the wall behind and your starter for 10, can you name the 4 models in the images? Answers on a postcard to …

Diane James – Tea or Me?


Another Diane, this time Diane James posing in the studio holing a cup of tea for some reason. Another model giving a very knowing look as if to say, as the title says, tea or me? What a hard choice! For some reason I’ve only posted one shot of Diane in the past posing on the Egyptian set by Harrison Marks. I must rectify that soon 🙂