Pamela Green – A Warming View


It wouldn’t be the Kamera Club Xmas advent calendar without the iconic Pamela Green by Harrison Marks. A stunning shot of Pam wearing a long fur lined cloak opened to reveal what lies beneath. Pam was also posing on the Dungeon set which was used in various shoots including Witches Brew. 

A very warming view of Pam and her perfect curves to enjoy on a cold dark day 😉

Rita Landre in Witches Brew

In 1960 Pamela Green and George Harrison started making 16mm and 8mm home glamour films most of which were between 60ft to 100ft long. For these there were often built quite elaborate sets for the films and none more so than the one they produced for Witches Brew, which was filmed at the end of 1960. To make maximum use of the set a series of still photos was also shot (Some above)

The film & photo set features Pam in her Rita Landre guise as a very voluptuous witch who performs various incantations before stripping off and disappearing into thin air. 
The same set was used by Harrison Marks to photograph other models and was later transformed slightly to become a dungeon where June Palmer was locked up among other beauties.*

* The Pamela Green Story – Yahoo Group