Debbie Wynters – Different Belt, Same Body!

Thanks to PhilD for sending through this and several other shots of Lollie Shaw, otherwise known as Debbie Winters (Wynters). This great shot shows Debbie on the Casbah photographed by Harrison Marks set wearing matching headdress, necklace and chain belt. Also thanks to Phil, I have several other small shots of her, where she appears in publications such as Beautiful Britons 170, Spick 179 and Cloud, to name a few, but I’m sure she must have appeared in many more under her different aliases. Thanks Phil 🙂


Lollie Shaw by Harrison Marks

Another model that posed for Harrison Marks was Lollie Shaw as in this image above and another model I’ve never heard of before now. Probably not her real name as per usual, but a great pair on her and love the chain belt!

Edit: Terry Sparks contacted me to say that he also knew her as Debbie Wynters and photographed her twice in June 1968, probably before GHM got hold of her.