The Naked World Of Harrison Marks Poster

Something slightly different – A restored rare film poster promoting the feature film ‘The Naked World of Harrison Marks’.

Rare due to the fact that this typical Harrison Marks exploitation film was refused a certificate by the National Censors (BBFC), but by submitting the film for Local Authority review (London) GHM was able to get the film approved for viewing in a select number of cinemas. As a consequence, the print run for this poster was strictly limited as very few establishments were able to show it. The film provided a progression of buxom beauties with Marks himself appearing in various guises, along with Pamela Green and June Palmer and many other models that have become synonymous with modelling for GHM.

NANI Film Posters

Film Poster Advertising The NANI Film Showing at the Spielplatz Naturist Club, Hertfordshire, Where Some of NANI Was Filmed.
International Japanese Version Avertising The Film – Love The Clever Editing Making it Look Like Pamela Green is Wearing a Bra!
Finally on a Double Bill Showing With The ‘Secrets of a Windmill Girl’ & Love The Side Heading of a Slap & Tickle Double Bill!

Naked As Nature Intended Poster

‘Naked’ – As Nature Intended Film Poster (1961)
A International poster for the Harrison Marks 35mm film that lasted an hour and starred Pamela Green, Jackie Salt Angela Jones and others.  Love the fact the poster includes the vital statistics of all the girls.  A full description of the film and more can be found over on the official Pamela Green Website