A View From The Casting Couch!

A scan of an original lobby card for the 1966 film ‘The Naked World of Harrison Marks’. I recently bought a full set of these lobby cards that would have appeared in the foyer of cinema’s showing the film. Considering the age and usage of these cards they are in excellent condition, but I’ve obviously tidied them up slightly.

I used to collect old lobby cards a while back from some of my old favourite films such as The Great Escape, Leon, Bond Films and others. As you can imaging getting hold of them wasn’t easy or cheap, but now I have a few more to add to the collection.

From the set of 5 this has to be one of my favourites, not only does it feature Harrison Marks, but probably typifies his life as a photographer and how he auditioned his models. You can just imagine him asking his models to strip and show off their body as he looks on with a similar look on his face. The views he must have witnessed from his casting couch 😉

Join The Dream-In!

A great two page advert for the 1967 film ‘The Naked World of Harrison Marks’ featuring the man himself plus a bevy of glamour beauties that appeared in the film.

For those interested the models appearing in this advert are Pamela Green on page 1, June Palmer on page 2 bottom left, Christine Carter and Julie Jordan on page 2 bottom left. The models appearing with GHM on page 2 top are from right to left, Ann Walker, Ann Wilson, Marina Jones, Deborah de Lacey, Vera Novak and 2 at the end I recognize, but forget names at present 🙂

The Naked World Of Harrison Marks Poster

Something slightly different – A restored rare film poster promoting the feature film ‘The Naked World of Harrison Marks’.

Rare due to the fact that this typical Harrison Marks exploitation film was refused a certificate by the National Censors (BBFC), but by submitting the film for Local Authority review (London) GHM was able to get the film approved for viewing in a select number of cinemas. As a consequence, the print run for this poster was strictly limited as very few establishments were able to show it. The film provided a progression of buxom beauties with Marks himself appearing in various guises, along with Pamela Green and June Palmer and many other models that have become synonymous with modelling for GHM.