Jill in Colour!

A beautiful colour shot of the model named as Jill by Harrison Marks. Taken on a sofa in GHM’s flat it’s a great pose from Jill and I love the red sheer negligee off the shoulders showing Jill’s figure. Always good to see a colour shot which adds more depth to a shot sometimes.

I’ve also come across a full set of 35mm negatives of a UK model named Jackie Winters and I’m pretty sure they are the same model. I’ll try and find an image from that set so we can compare and confirm if they are the same model 🙂


Jill By Harrison Marks (Original)

A beautiful side shot of the model known as Jill by Harrison Marks. Jill briefly appeared in Kamera No.87 (1968) posing in front of a familiar mirror in the bathroom and one other shot in GHM’s living room.  This shot doesn’t seem to be published anywhere, but Kamera No.87 advertises a postcard set of her, so maybe this is one of those shots?


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

Two shots of the model Jill by Harrison Marks, but with one obvious difference! The top image comes from GHM’s publication Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.2 (1969) and the bottom image from Kamera No.87 (1968). What a difference a year makes, as the Kamera version had to be retouched, where as the top one was published showing Jill in all her glory. I can’t believe censorship laws changed that quickly, so was Nature’s Intention produced for a different market, maybe the less strict foreign market? I know which version I’d prefer to see 🙂

Just Jill!

Jill from Kamera No.87 (1968) posing in front of a familiar mirror in the bathroom.  No full name and I only know her first name was Jill as the back cover of the same magazine it advertises a postcard set of her under the name Jill.  That’s not to say that’s her real or normal modelling name, as we know GHM liked to use his own names for models!  Anyone know the full name of this fine figure of a woman?