Magazine Covers Featuring Dawn Grayson

Kamera No.59

Kamera Winter Special

Solo No.43

Beautiful Britons No.136

Beautiful Britons No.178

Beautiful Britons No.223

Span No.131

Span No.143

Span No.163

Spick No.146

Spick No.179

Spick No.234

Spick & Span Extra No.39

Spick & Span Extra No.44

Girl Illustrated No.38

Body Shop Vol.4 No.3

Touch Vol.4 No.3

H&E November 1970

Men Only September 1966

Black Nylons Vol.1 No.9

Bottom Vol.4 No.2

Ed Alexander Photographs English Beauties 1964

Figure Quarterly 1966

More covers will be added as I find them, but if you come across any others, please let me know 🙂

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