A Chance Encounter With June Palmer (Video)

A Young June Palmer in 1950’s London, Outside a Camera Shop and Running Down the Street! The Rest of the Clip is a Beautiful Trip Down Memory Lane of 1950’s London and Television at the Time!

The June Palmer Part Starts at 6:41 and Finishes at 8:03

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  1. I am somewhat surprised that no-one has commented on this bit of film – a glimpse of that utterly vanished world of the Britain of the late 'Fifties/early 'Sixties. A time when well-dressed young women, like Miss Palmer, wore smart two-piece suits and wouldn't have dreamt of going out without gloves and, probably matching shoes! (although the shoes weren't ideal for running in, as

    • I totally agree Alexei the video was a great little find, not just for the June Palmer clip, but for the look back at the 1950's. I had worked out by comments from a couple of contacts that the studio was 'Strobe Studios', so another nice little refeence.


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