Magazine Covers Featuring June Palmer

Modern Man Vol.11 No.9 Issue.129 (Mar 1962)

Modern Man Vol.13 No.8 Issue.151 (Feb 1964)

Modern Man Deluxe Quarterly Cover (Winter 1969)

QT No.36

QT No.39

QT no.54

H&E Winter Quarterly No.1

H&E Autumn Quarterly No.4

Model No.19

Model No.23

The Fabulous June Palmer (1964)

Kamera No.61

Kamera No.69

Kamera No.77

Beautiful Britons No.60

Parade No.1278

Parade No.1296
TAB (Dec 1961)

Hush No.11

Hush No.12
Girly No.4

More covers will be added as I find them, but if you come across any others, please let me know 🙂

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  1. Nice images, many of which I am familiar with. but what is the point of a site where you cant download images even when you are registered?

    Or am I missing something?



    • No it’s the way it’s set up John and an unfortunate side effect of people taking original images and selling them despite being asked not to do so. There are benefits of being registered such as larger images and original content and I’m working on a way to allow some access to images, but we will see 🙂


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