Give Us a Call Maria!

Maria Clarence in various poses on the bed with an old style telephone, maybe giving you the impression she’s talking dirty to someone on the other end! One thing I hadn’t noticed before now about Maria, didn’t she have hairy arms and very small button like nipples!
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  1. Hairy arms! What a thing to say about a nice lady! (Mind you, we could have a long philosophical/aesthetic/ontological debate female body hair and where it&#39;s acceptable – e.g. many of us like a nice full bush, but what about the pits? Nipple hair? Female facial hair? Oh Lord, I&#39;m putting myself off of my coffee).<br /><br />Nice pictures, incidentally.<br /><br />David<br />

    • Good Lord David, far too much in-depth analysis on hair for a Monday morning! I must agree on the nice full bush though!

    • Sorry but I love as the French say: the divine slot! Hairless &quot;below&quot; is simply a piece of art, Worth to admire! Bless all the &quot;shaved&quot; Girls.Maria Clarence, Mandy Morgan, June Palmer etc etc all are so Beautiful without a bush hanging out! This is my honest true opinion, I hope I am not perverted in this matter! I just love them all!<br />Nils from Sweden sends his respectful


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