Gaby’s Bedside View

Another view of Gaby Rougier kneeling naked on the bed by Harrison Marks and showing off that fabulous figure! This time a side profile with perfect lighting hitting her body to show of the shape and lines. I’ve published 3 shots from this set all different views of Gaby and all showing different aspects of her body 🙂

A great framed shot of Julie Shearing in the background too, one of GHM’s classics 🙂


Madeleine on Tiptoes!

The slender form of Madeleine Mills stood naked on tiptoes as she leans against a cherub pedestal. Taken by Harrison Marks it’s an eclectic shot on what was a bedroom set in it’s better days. It looks more like a mixture of props in this shot with of course the fabulous Madeleine in the middle. This shot was originally published in Kamara No.41 P36 (1962)

A great view of Madeleine her slim figure, small tits and smooth pussy 🙂


Erica – The Look!

Shot number 7 of Erica by Harrison Marks from a set silver gelatin prints.  This time a standing shot allowing us to see all of her bumps and curves and a very knowing look. All the shots from this set are now published here.


Carol Hamilton by Harrison Marks

One of the few images I have of Carol Hamilton, as she seems to have been used very rarely by Harrison Marks. I believe she appeared in the glamour film ‘The Naked World of Harrison Marks in one of the Dungeon scenes. She also appeared as Nefertiti in the Egyptian sequence in the ‘Nine Ages of Nakedness’ released in 1969.


Diane Clare – Early Riser!

I have several shots of Diane Clare by Harrison Marks on the loft set posing on this bed, both black and white originals and colour Pamar slides. This one comes from Kevin and shows Diane stretching on the bed. Maybe an early riser, just a shame that bed stand is in the way 🙂

The rest of the shots posted from this set can be seen here.