Paula in Disguise?

An interesting one from Kamera No.29 (1960) and an image of a model I didn’t recognise until I saw a pencil written note on the page bottom saying Paula P? So is this Paula Page in a wig and more make-up than normal?  The figure, shape and size of the boobs sure do suggest that it could be, but the two other images in the same magazine don’t show her full face, so just as vague. Thoughts?

Update: Thanks to Portland the model has been identified as Terry Maloney and not Paula Page as we original discussed and agreed it wasn’t. Good to put another name to a face or should I say body and another model identified that also posed for GHM.
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  1. its interesting isn&#39;t it – I wouldn&#39;t have guessed paula – seems a bit slim to be her – other two pictures might be helpful<br /><br /> might be best to compare navels – the navel is quite distinctive here<br /><br /> roop

    • Trust me Roop I&#39;ve stared at this image along side others of PP for ages and still can&#39;t make my mind up if it is or isn&#39;t her. I will try and post the others, but the navel looks different on all three and does look the same as PP&#39;s in one, so no help there! What a dilemma to have to star at a naked PP for ages, oh well if I must!

  2. ah yes, the things you have to do to ensure accuracy . . .<br /><br /> roop

  3. She also makes two other pages in that magazine but looking at all three images I would say it is definitely not Paula Page

  4. Paula Page even appears in the previous Kamera edition with dark tied back hair and making a comparison with that image I would still maintain it is not her…………… However, I will stand to be corrected

  5. Terry Maloney (sister of Sheila Maloney)<br /><br />I&#39;ll forward to Wonder her layout in QT#26

    • Ah Portland to the rescue once again! Thanks and I&#39;ve seen the files and do concur that it is Terry Maloney as you say, evidence to be posted shortly!

    • Sorry to disappoint, but the lady in question is French model Georgette Gautier. Her pictures appear in Kameras 49, pages 4 and 49, also 77 page 16, and apparently some I missed. Ms Gautier produces many google results and pictures I have studied, dimples and nipples on her tits match perfectly (plus the navel). Love the blog and the pictures of Terry Maloney!<br /> Jeff

  6. Jeff many thanks for the kind words and your comment throws up the discussion of who the model is even further. I agree she is Georgette, but looking at some of her images I see some of her that are also definitely Terry, so maybe they are the same? It wouldn&#39;t be beyond possibility that one of the names was made up? I&#39;d guess the Terry Maloney is made up, as I couldn&#39;t find any

  7. I’d never heard of Georgette Gautier until today, and was intrigued to see what could be found on the Internet. As Anonymous suggests there is quite a lot available including one image identifying the original Kamera image as GG. So is that game, set and match to GG against TM? Not quite. The following website:<br /><br /><br /><br />shows eleven

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