Tina Madison – Restored & Uncensored

Terrific shot of Tina Madison restored from a 35mm slide, showing us all of her figure and a bit more below! Taken in someone’s front room, but not too keen on the decore.
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  1. I think it has to be said that the &#39;model&#39; posing as if it&#39;s in a suburban front room is one of the more engaging products of work of this era – it&#39;s putting the model in a situation you can immediately identify with – and often slightly threadbare – the couch on the right looks as though it&#39;s seen better days (or it&#39;s had a short hard life . . .)<br />It&#39;s as if

  2. ha ha – well, no – when that kind of furniture was fashionable (the first time around, I know it&#39;s quite fashionable now) I would have been a teenager – the thought of finding something like that in your front room would have been pretty much the ultimate fantasy – oh, that and your parents being out at the same time . . .<br /><br /> roop


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