Rosalie Peters – Letting Her Hair Down! (1967)

Nearly all of the shots I have of Rosalie Peters have her posing on the Lily Place set in snow with long blonde wig or with her hair up in a ponytail.  This is the first I’ve seen of her without a wig and her hair down and must say I much prefer this look!  This shot comes from Kamera No.81 (1967) and is one of two shots of her in this edition, the second also with her hair down but a fuller body shot.  If you read the details about Rosalie in the Harrison Marks Model Database, she only did one full shoot for GHM at Lily Place, so one assumes that included these shots, as well as the winter shots that appear in Kamera No.79.
She also made one glamour film , No.87, ‘Keep Young & Beautiful’ filmed on the bathroom set, where GHM did take some more stills of her, but again with her hair up! I think this shot must be my favourite though.
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  1. Intrigues by this. As I have previously mentioned, she was only aged 16 when HM made the film of her, so I presume that she is the same age here ? Anyway, as she must be aged about 64 now, I wonder how much she has changed ?

  2. This is a much nicer picture of her, minus the long wig. More natural.Please may we have the second shot of her ?<br />Mentioning wigs, The very beautiful Cleo Simmons had another name when she modelled wearing a dark wig. She was called Magdalena. I don&#39;t like wigs overmuch.

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