The Fabulous Views of QSL Guys

I’d like to introduce another fabulous ‘Readers Wife’ and member of this site in the shapely form of QSL Guys. I’ve known these guys for a while over on Flickr and again it seems we have several interests in common. Mrs QSL loves to dress in a slightly provocative but smart manner, particularly with stockings and suspenders and Mr loves to photograph her and enjoys the reactions of others to her fabulous curves. She loves to wear sexy lingerie, including Aubade underwear with stockings and suspenders on most days.

To say I’m happy they want to appear here under the readers wives section is an understatement, as I just love Mrs QSL and her outfits, especially the sheer stuff showing of that body below! I also make no apology for showing off shots of her rear view as I just love it and some of the shots in the gallery below of her bending over just send me into a hot sweat, amongst other things.

Thanks to them both for sharing all these stunning shots with me and you can find them over on Flickr here, so do go say Hi and that you saw them here 🙂


The Fabulous Mrs Cherry B!

Now here is something rather delicious from a special member and friend that I’ve known for a while.

I’d like to introduce to you Mrs Cherry B who I’ve been following over on twitter for sometime now and describes herself as a happily married 40-something housewife/secretary. She’s also an artists muse who loves vintage glamour and lingerie from the 1960’s and 70’s and taking selfies in vintage lingerie. We’ve been chatting about all things vintage and glamour for sometime now and find we have many similar interests, including being perv’s but then aren’t we all.

Anyway not only have I persuaded her to send over a few of her vintage shots, which wasn’t hard as she loves teasing and showing off her outfits and that fabulous body. But she is also going to do some exclusive photo shoots just for The Kamera Club! These will be full sets of her in and obviously out of different vintage outfits for us all to enjoy. We’re working through the details at present, but members will obviously get to see much more of Mrs C than other’s. Lookout for more details over on the forum in due course and I’m sure she will pop in to say hi and tease us all from time to time.

Always good to have contributions from my female members, especially if the they look as good as Mrs C and members get to see an extra shot of things to come, although not truly vintage, but I’m sure they will forgive me 😉

Kate – A Lady With Vintage Style! (Original)

A stunning vintage style shot from a real lady and friend that has allowed me to share this shot of her on my site. I just love this vintage style shot, those long black gloves and stockings and a hint of more! A real pleasure to share this shot of Lady Kate, who has a real love for vintage and not really a readers wife, as she is the one herself that likes to share her glamorous side. Hope you all enjoy the vintage view 🙂

Lucy – A View From Both Sides! (Original)

Well after opening up the issue of allowing members to submit their own images for posting I wasn’t sure what sort of response I’d get, but overall it’s been very positive. Last week I was contacted by another member Max, who wondered if people would be interested in seeing his fabulous other half Lucy. Well what can I say, but after seeing these shots I’m sure everyone needs to see Lucy 🙂

As a big fan of sheer underwear including panties to see these shots of Lucy was a fabulous surprise, as not only do we get to see her fabulous figure and body, but a great view of that nice round arse through sheer panties and a hint of pussy through the front view, heaven!

A beautiful view from both sides that I’m sure will be appreciate by all and a big thank you as always to Max for allowing me to share these shots with everyone on the site. Enjoy Lucy as I know I am and a further addition to the readers wives section 🙂

The Votes Are In & The Tits Are Out!

Well the votes have been counted and by a huge margin of 81% it seems like you all want to see more of the wives! So being the democratic person I am and always following through on the will of the majority I’ll post more submissions of Wives and others on here in the future. This will of course be subject to my review and approval of all submissions and in keeping with the theme and nature of the site, so don’t expect to be bombarded with submissions as that’s not my intent and many will be for members only. This is just a way of sharing the fabulous ladies out there that I get sent, so we can all enjoy their beauty 🙂

On deciding on best how to do this I decided on a good old fashion favourite from magazines such as Fiesta, Escort etc from back when I was younger and included a ‘Readers Wives’ section on the models menu. Who didn’t enjoy seeing those amateur submissions back in the days when digital wasn’t around and the submissions had to be posted in for publication. Looking back I’m not sure all of them were truly amateur wives, but they sure got the mind working as to what went on behind closed doors!

Anyway, let’s bring on those beautiful ladies and a big thank you to Jon again for the spectacular view above of Jenni and her tits.


A Vintage View From Jenni

I love it when I get sent photo’s from followers for the site, be it original photo’s from way back when or more recent ones. This fabulous shot from Jon is no exception as it shows off his wife Jenni’s body to perfection with a hint of old style glamour. As always Thanks must go to Jon for sending this shot over and allowing it to be shared for all to enjoy here.

I’ve shared other members/followers photo’s on here before of wives/partners etc from past to present and often get sent others, but have always kept them to a minimum. So, quick snap poll, do you want to see these shots or not? Obviously they would be kept in keeping with the style and quality of the site 🙂

Do You Want to See More of the Wives?

  • Yes, Bring On Those Beautiful Ladies! (81%, 76 Votes)
  • No, Let's Keep It Glamour Related (19%, 18 Votes)

Total Voters: 94

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The Gorgeous Gina!

It’s not often I get submissions to the site of modern day beauties, but thanks to Frank I came across the stunning Gina and as she has such a stunning figure and looks looks divine in those heels and stockings I thought I’d share her 😉

Thanks to Frank you can see more of the gorgeous Gina over on Flickr here