The Large Chest of Linda West!

A restored silver gelatin photo of the very busty Linda West from Oxxbridge Galleries. The title says it all really and those are definitely more than a handful!

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  1. Whilst admiring Linda’s chest I find her a little bit unattractive, but I’m not sure why . . .

  2. I’m afraid I have to agree with Roop. I wonder if she were to close her mouth a bit it would improve her facially, that daft hairstyle doesn’t help.

    And to be controversial, personally I find her bust shapeless and jelly like. Mind you I think the same about Paula Page as well. I’m attracted to a big bust but with some firmness to go with – er! June Palmer, Eve Eden, to name just two.

    But each to their own.

    • I don’t disagree with either you or Roop on the attractiveness or hairstyle, or the fact her huge bust could have done with some definition. But she couldn’t help the size of her massive bust and she did use it to great effect!

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