The Gorgeous Gina!

It’s not often I get submissions to the site of modern day beauties, but thanks to Frank I came across the stunning Gina and as she has such a stunning figure and looks looks divine in those heels and stockings I thought I’d share her 😉

Thanks to Frank you can see more of the gorgeous Gina over on Flickr here

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  1. Lovely smooth look!

  2. I have just realised she’s very petite! Tiny even!

  3. Yes, she’d probably need a leg up onto that chair she’s standing next to.

    Volunteers, please form a queue on the right…behind me!!

  4. Still quite lovely; and, great vintage feel to the photograph. Nice!

  5. I went over to flickr and signed up to be friends with this gorgeous gal…All I can say is OMG!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!


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