June & The Wheel, Part 2

The second shot of June Palmer posing with a wheel by Harrison Marks that were published in Kamera No.27 (1959). Unfortunately the shots have been retouched for censorship reasons back then, but the way June poses it probably didn’t need much retouching. If the date of Publication is correct then this would put June at 19 when she had these shots taken.

As they appear in Kamera I’ve published them on this site, but they will also appear on Kamera Club for completeness.

June Palmer – Teachers Pet!

A young June posing as a teacher of sorts from Photo Studio Vol.2 No.21. I’ve never had the good fortune to have a teacher looking like June or in such attire, but I chalk it up to bad luck more than anything 😉

Another June by Bob Robson (Original)

Another shot of June by Bob Robson from the late 1950’s restored from a purchased original negative. Unfortunately this was as good as I could restore the colours, as again the actual negative was faded and had a very bad magenta hue to it, so not a bad effort! Still a little on the magenta side and the highlights are blown out on her face and shoulders, but still a great shot of a younger June. A black and white conversion below as a comparison.

Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

June by Michael Barrington Martin

A stunning side profile portrait of a 19-year-old June Palmer taken by Michael Barrington Martin in 1959. I have no more details, but maybe taken as part of her portfolio or just as a sitting for MBM, who knows? Stunning profile shot regardless of what it was used for.