June by Michael Barrington Martin

A stunning side profile portrait of a 19-year-old June Palmer taken by Michael Barrington Martin in 1959. I have no more details, but maybe taken as part of her portfolio or just as a sitting for MBM, who knows? Stunning profile shot regardless of what it was used for.

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  1. It may be of interest that sadly Mike Barrington Martin passed away yesterday.

    • Alan thanks for passing on the information and sad to hear he passed away I don’t know much about his other work, but this shot of June was quite stunning.

    • i worked for MBM from 1967 for 3 mad years It was always an ambition to meet up with him.What a character.was only 20 .MBM taught me all my bad habits I have ived with since
      He was quite unique
      More info please

  2. When God handed out the looks, she got seconds plus dessert.

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