Time For an Early Bath!

Calling time on this week and heading for an early bath! It’s just been one of those weeks, so I leave you with this soapy rear view of Tina McLaren. Reminds me of that classic two nuns joke … Two nuns are in the bath. Nun1: Where’s the soap? Nun2: Yes, it does rather 😉

Three Go Skinny Dipping!

Teri Martine, Nicky Stevens and Alicen Warden take a dip in a rock pool at Bedruthan beach in 1966. Not the best shot of all three, but Nicky seems to be having fun, Alicen looks cold and Teri isn’t sure!

Teri’s Sheer Look

Another shot of Teri Martine from a restored 35mm colour slide taken at Norlond Astoria Studios in the 1960’s. Sent over by Paul from Firebird from his huge collection of 35mm slides of different models all posing at Astoria. This shot has her looking very serious as she poses in a sheer black negligee and Teri is the model of the week, but I need to catch up as missed a day yesterday 🙂

Teri on The Rocks!


The stunning Teri Martine by Harrison Marks taken in 1966 at Bedruthan Beach, Cornwall. Kneeling amongst the rocks and mussels on the beach we great a great view of Teri’s naked body and the sea behind her!

Although taken as part of the 1966 trip to Cornwall with several other models over two weeks, this shot doesn’t appear in Kamera on Location 66. Nor does it feature in Solo No.52 featuring Teri, so it does make you wonder why such a great shot didn’t make either?

Subtle Cindy

The beautiful Cindy Neal by Harrison Marks subtly posing against a white pebbled wall similar to this shot, which was a more up front shot. I don’t have many shots of Cindy to share other than a contact sheet of her posing nude and a few 35mm shots, so always on the lookout for more Cindy 🙂