Eva Nieman – Carnival Magazine (1969)

A nice nude rear view of Eva (Eve) Nieman from Carnival Magazine (December 1969).  A stunning view of her bum and there are two other pages that feature Eva in the same edition in various poses, mostly topless. Several feature her in a frilly white cap/hat that could even be a shower cap, very bizarre!

The Knifes Are Out For Eva! – Carnival Magazine

Eva Nieman (Neilson) from the pages of Carnival Magazine (April 196?) sporting a very nice pair of anchor panties! Since identifying Eva as a Harrison Marks model she now seems to be popping up everywhere! Not that I’m complaining as I’ve got quite a thing for this perky little blonde in pigtails!

Hilde Beck – Letting Her Hair Down!

Hilde Beck or Hyldagarde as she was named when she posed for Harrison Marks leeting her hair down from the pages of Carnival magazine, date unknown. There seem to be very few images of Hilde in colour apart from the odd magazine appearance, in fact the only real sets of her are in black and white by Harrison Marks taken on the Pharaohs set or a bedroom shoot with her on the bed. Surely there must be more colour shots of this busty beauty out there?

Julie Jordan – Carnival (July 1965)

From the centre pages of Carnival Magazine (July 1965) we have a very sexy looking Julie Jordan (Sandy Lydon) lying on a Tiger skin rug. Looking far more attractive than some of the Harrison Marks shots I’ve seen, she also had a very small perky pair of boobs and very slender figure compared to some of the other models.

Dawn Grayson – She Shook The Vicar!

Dawn Grayson from the pages of Carnival (July 1965) and the title refers to this post, where Harrison Marks and Dawn clashed with a vicar over a British safety council poster featuring Dawn supporting safety glasses, but not a lot else! What an outrage, as looking at the poster I would object too, the words are obscuring Dawn’s best bits, shocking!

Julie (Shearing) – Carnival Magazine

Well there you go I’ve just found this shot of Julie Shearing and found out that it’s only ‘Julie’ that appeared for Harrison Marks! Despite her Latin looks in early Kamera editions, she was actually born in London! After modelling for GHM she also went on to have several small appearances in several British made films in the 1960’s.  These included The Bulldog Breed (1960) starring Norman Wisdom and the Cover Girl Killer (1959) with Harry H. Corbet.
You learn something new every day and she was obviously a versatile girl as looked nothing like her modelling days in some of the films!

June Palmer – Always Worth Another Look!

June posing in head scarf and long black gloves from the pages of Carnival Magazine (November 1967), also sporting some nice leopard skin pants! Originally posted by Beutelwolf over on VEF.

Dawn Grayson – Dawn of Man

Dawn Grayson from the pages of Carnival Magazine (September 1969) with longer hair than normal seen. I don’t know the location, but Dawn looks good posing outdoors wherever it is! Thanks to Beutelwolf from VEF for scanning and sharing this article.