Well I Never Knew That!

There is a very interesting article just published over on the Pamela Green site called ‘More Tea, Vicar?’.  The article itself is about a poster by the British safety council and wearing eye protection, which featured Dawn Grayson.
The bit I didn’t know was the reference to the real name of Dawn Grayson being Kay Kirkham, which was new to me!  I probably have seen references to her real name in the past but never made the association, so there you go … I never knew that!

Dawn Grayson and George Harrison Marks & The British Safety Council.

After doing some further research I came across a second article about this incident from ‘The News & Courier’ dated October 20th, 1964 based in Charleston, USA.  This again refers to Dawn Graysons real name as Kay Kirkham and that she was 22 years old and married with an 11 month old baby.

If this article is to be believed then Dawn/Kay was born in 1942, making her 71 now and her son being born in 1963/64 now aged 48/49.  We also know she was married to a car plant workerI don’t know what happened to Dawn beyond her modelling career, but it would be interesting to know what she did in the later part of her life and even if she is still around now?

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  1. I have seen a couple of references with some of her spreads in magazines about Dawn heading to the USA with her husband. Not sure if that was what really happened though. <br /><br />Good find. At least it clears up one spread, I think in Parade, where she was described as &quot;The one who shocked the bishop&quot;.<br /><br />Keep up the great work.<br /><br />Ozprof

    • Thanks Ozprof and I&#39;ve seen a couple of references in Parade and Carnival where she says she wants to head to America, but don&#39;t know if that is true. I tend to take most of the text in the magazine&#39;s with a pinch of salt as most seem made up, or at least the model names generally are! I&#39;ve seen Dawn appear under several different names with several different measurement, so who

  2. In any case &quot;our&quot; Dawn Grayson is forever loved by many, very many, men and women. And in old UK, there are so many beautiful Girls to be admired and honoured! Thank you for sharing their beauty even to a Scandinavian admirerer. Girls of the sixties are to my simple mind outstanding in their prettiness…Thank you.


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