Kim Courtenay – Girl Illustrated (1966)

Having said there are not enough shots out there of Audrey Judson (Kim Courtenay) here is a cracking shot of her from Girl Illustrated, Summer Edition (1966).  What I hadn’t noticed in the Harrison Marks shots is that she has freckles and very small nipples, but a wonderfully coy look as well!

Rena Brown in Pigtails (1968)

Rena Brown another late 1960’s model that worked with Harrison Marks, but more on the film side than appearing in his publications. She appeared in ‘The Nine Ages of Nakedness’, as well as one of the characters in the Pattern of Evil’ film.  I’ve seen several shots of her in leather outfits with whips, so assume they come from the films, but this is a more demure shot of her from Girl Illustrated Souvenir Edition No.2 (1968)

Tiffany St.Clair (Pam Arnold) – Girl Illustrated

I came across this cover of Girl Illustrated Souvenir Edition No.1 over on eBay and knew I recognised the face! On investigating I’m pretty sure that Tiffany St.Clair is none other than GHM model Pam Arnold. So another model that posed under another name for Harrison Marks and I now have more shots of Pam/Tiffany, which can’t be a bad thing! I’m convinced it’s her not only because of the similar facial features and hair, but on other shots both of her as Tiffany and Pam she has a small scar/pock mark on her cheek, but you decide?.

Ann Wilson – Girl Illustrated (1966)

Ann Wilson from the pages of Girl Illustrated Vol.1 No.3 (1966) and another redhead that always appeals. Of these 3 shots that appeared in the same edition of GI I have to say the middle followed by the last are my favourites, as I love those tasselled panties!