A Superimposed Sylvana (1958)

A great shot of Sylvana Manto and her voluptuous figure superimposed on a second photo of a beach scene.  This appeared in Kamera No.9 P21 (1958) and was one of ont a handful of images of Sylvana appearing for Harrison Marks in Kamera. GHM was also prone to using his models superimposed on beach or sky backgrounds, but thankfully he didn’t do it too often.

Julie – Frosted View (1958)

Another timeless shot of Julie (Shearing) posing in the living room of GHM’s flat with what looks to be a frosted window in the background, probably a hatch between the kitchen and living room? This came from Kamera No.9 P20 (1958), which also features Julie on the cover and 9 internal pages including the colour double page centrefold of her.

Julie – I Know What You’re Thinking! (1958)

Julie (Shearing) from Kamera No.9 P3 (1958) staring straight at the camera as though she can read your mind and know what you are looking at! In this instance she’d be right as how could you not look at Julie’s curves and bobs in this shot! Taken at GHM’s flat, the bookcase has an interesting selection of reading material and you can’t read up enough on retouching 🙂

Can You Guess Who? (1958)

Through-out his Kamera publications, as well as publishing full shots of his models Harrison Marks liked to intersperse close up shots of the nude female anatomy. Always tastefully done and posed it makes you wonder who the models actually were for these shots.  Some are obvious and you can have an educated guess at the model, but like the two above from Kamera No.9 (1958) I have no idea! Still a beautiful body and figure to look at whilst your trying to guess 🙂

Julie – Kamera No.9 Cover

Finally got my hands on a very good condition copy of Kamera No.9 (1958) featuring the ever exotic Julie! Plenty of Julie shots inside including the colour centre pages, along with other great early HM models, including Pamela Green (of course!), Margaret Warhurst, Sylvana Manto and Lorraine Burnett. 
An excellent conditioned copy with very little wear considering it’s age and all for the bargain price of £4.99 from eBay. Yes that low! I know most copies in good condition go for a lot more, but unfortunately or fortunately in my case eBay crashed last week for several hours and I was winning the auction at £4.99, but expecting it to go a lot higher. Anyway the auction disappeared during the crash and it’s end time passed, so I assumed it would be re-listed, but no I got an email I’d won it at the starting price and the seller honoured it! So thanks to the eBay crash and a nice seller I got Kamera No.8 and Kamera No.9 for a total of £11! Must have been my day as never normally that lucky on bidding.