Striking a Pose with Gerry!


Gerry Brown striking a pose at Jason Studio’s with another unknown model. From a 35mm negative I have plenty of both Gerry and this unknown together and separately, but no idea who the other model is?

Theresa – Curves & Curtains

Another fantastic shot of Theresa Seymour taken by Harrison Marks and taken from the same set as this colour shot . Theresa really changed over her period posing for GHM with auburn curls in this shot to earlier when she had short blond hair. Either hairstyle the curves remained the same 🙂

Time For More Trudy

Time for another shot of Angela Duncan (Trudy Eyre) from my vast collection of images of her. This is the second featuring Angela in black corset, black panties and stockings was taken by Terry Sparks on 18th November 1969. 

I just love Angela in this shot on all fours with her big tits falling out of that corset. Check out the clock on the bedside table too 🙂

Sylvana Manto – Laid Back Beauty!

Another very sophisticated and sexy view of Sylvana Manto (Madelaine Bannister) from a restored silver gelatin photo. A fabulous shot of her as she leans on one hand laying on her side giving a view of those tits and curves.

A simply stunning, sophisticated shot and just look at those lips!