Ettalie Smith

After publishing these photo’s yesterday of an unknown model to me, Portland has once again come to the rescue and identified the model as Ettalie Smith and sent through the above evidence as further proof!

The above pages are from Man’s Pleasure (Sept 1968) and although she is named Etta Lee it is the same model as I published yesterday as the top right image is from the same shoot by Ken Williams. Not truly a Harrison Marks model as far as I’m aware, other than appearing in Lenz No.3 published by him (very tenuous link!), but one that caught my eye! Ettalie also appears in Dapper Vol.3 No.1 (Aug 1966) and what appears to be an earlier 1950’s glamour film, Exotica Reel: 193 “Ettalie Smith”, which has no nudity but lots of legs, high heels and stockings being flashed!

A stunning young beauty with great curves and a great pair of big tits from the images above 🙂 I’m on the hunt for any more images of her, so if anyone has some good high quality ones of her, please pass them my way to share.

Again thanks must go to Portland for identifying her and providing the great images above.

Teri Martine Magazine Covers

A few Teri Martine magazine covers from the late 1960’s, early 70’s, with the bottom three covers all looking like they came from the same photo shoot.

Climax Magazine Vol.14 No.5 (November?)

Man’s Pleasure (October?)

Hang Outs No.1

Top Heavy

Pix Vol.3 No.3