Lorraine Burnett in Colour (Coloured)

I can’t keep up with the quantity and quality of the coloured images at which Oldiznewagain is churning them out, so cheating and taking the easy option and adding a few in one post to try and catch up!

Two shots of Lorraine Burnett coloured from two of my original posts, with the original after each coloured version.

Kamera Special No.1 (1957)

Kamera on Location (1958)

Both very good coloured versions of the originals, but my favourite is the top one as the colours look more realistic. It’s probably easier to colour a person and the skin tones than an outdoor location, as the sand, rocks and grass in the second look slightly unnatural. I also note that by colouring the images Oldiznewagain loses some of the grain and texture from the original black and white versions, giving the coloured versions a smoother feel. Again, not a criticism, rather an observation, as I know I couldn’t do anywhere as near a good a job as these and leave that to Old!  Restore yes I can do that, colour not on your life!