Light Me Up Sylvana!

Sylvana Manto in a topless pose having a smoke! Shots of these models posing nude or topless smoking always make me smile as it looks so unusual in today’s world where smoking is no longer sociably acceptable. Still a classy shot of Sylvana wearing those gloves as well and she could smoke like that in my presence any time!

Sylvana Manto or Madelaine Bannister?

So I’ve been seeing more and more shots of Sylvana Manto recently, so I did some digging around to see where else she appeared. In doing so I came across several early publications of Spick and Span featuring Madelaine Bannister, who on looking I am sure is the same person? Going under the name Sylvana she appeared in publications such as Fiesta, Kamera Special No.1 around 1957 and Kamera No.9 (1958)

If I were a betting man I’d say they were the same person and the Sylvana name was an alias made up by the likes of Harrison Marks or Russell Gay, but then most models didn’t use their real name at all so maybe both are? Can anyone add further proof Sylvana and Madeliane are one and the same?

Either way I’ve got some great original shots of her coming up!