The Marvellous Marie


The marvellous Marie Deveraux kneeling in the studio by Harrison Marks. An absolute peach of a shot of Marie from behind with the white background allowing us to see the perfect curves of her figure. Loving that nice rounded bottom as well. Perfectly posed and primed 🙂

On All Fours for Yvonne

Yvonne Perrin by Terry Sparks as she kneels on all fours on the sofa. From a great set of contact sheets, this shot shows off her great arse perfectly!

Diane James – Tea or Me?


Another Diane, this time Diane James posing in the studio holing a cup of tea for some reason. Another model giving a very knowing look as if to say, as the title says, tea or me? What a hard choice! For some reason I’ve only posted one shot of Diane in the past posing on the Egyptian set by Harrison Marks. I must rectify that soon 🙂

Paula’s Pendulous Bedroom Curves!

The curves and massive tits of Paula Page as she kneels on the bed legs apart for Harrison Marks. Taken at his flat in the 1960’s this shot shows off Paula’s rounded figure and curves and big tits, if you like that sort of thing!

Clever use of the pose and lighting means that even though she has her thighs open you don’t see much. Helped by the shadow and that she was shaven, all you really see is the rounded V shape leading downwards 🙂

Worth a Look!

Louise Worth by Harrison Marks posing nude on a big round seating area on the Hollywood set.

Taken in the mid 1960’s at Lily Place studio’s a great colour image of Louise showing off her body with two of the best bodies either side of her. They are of course sketches of two of the most famous GHM models Pamela Green and June Palmer, but which is which?