More Risqué Rosa!

A couple more shots of the early risqué photos of Rosa Domaille (Eve Eden) giving us a flash of a little bit more than usual. This is the third shot of this set and I’m aware of at least 6 more shots of Rosa in various positions showing us more than usual in this dodgy back bedroom!

Uncensored Negligee Nude

An uncensored shot of an unknown model posing for Harrison Marks, which appeared in this form in Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.2 (1969). I’m unsure as to where the image originally appeared, but looking at it I would guess it was an early model from the late 1950’s early 60’s.

Jackie Parker’s Red Lips!

A restored full on uncensored shot of Jackie Parker here, wearing nothing more than red lipstick on her full lips. A shot that has more than one set of lips on show and showing Jackie’s curves, figure and shaved nether region all to good effect!

June Palmer – Red & Rude! (Original)

Another original straight from John of June from the 1970’s. This shot has June on the floor looking rather rude and naughty in red stockings and very transparent white panties giving us a wonderful view of her pussy. Through the 1970’s onwards it was popular to keep pubic hair and June seems to have followed this trend and gives us some great glimpses of her beautiful bush in shots like this.


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