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Vivienne Warren seems to have become a nude model at the early of 16 and to have turned professional at 17. It is known for certain that she was working for Harrison Marks by the time she was 17. 

Warren became HM’s second wife in November, 1964 when she married him at the age of 18, but the marriage was a stormy one and very short lived. Even so, he described her as an extremely mature and confident young woman and visible evidence of that confidence can be seen in the skill and poise with which she posed for him.

Real Name: Vivienne Warren
Date of Birth: 1946
Modelling Aliases:
Measurements: 36-2436  
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour (Natural): Brunette
Hair Colour (Dyed): None, But Wore a Blonde Wig in Several Shoots!

Vivienne Warren Images

100 Plus – 125 Gorgeous Pictures 
Beauty of the Month No.9 – Vivid Vivienne
Fiesta Special Collectors Edition: Top Glamour Models of the 50’s. 
Follies de Paris et Hollywood – Several Issues
Girl Illustrated No.12
Health and Efficiency
Kamera No.49, 50, 51 (Cover), 53, 55, 63, 74, 75 & 79
Kamera Classics 1. Nostalgia Publications.
(Harrison Marks Reprints)
Kamera Winter Special 1967
Men Only – June issue, Year unknown
Pagan No.7 & 12.
(Harrison Marks Reprints)
Parade – Various Issues
Penthouse – Very Early Issue
Pussy Cat – D.D.D. Publications
She. (Harrison Marks Reprints)
Solo No.30
Spick No.104 (Cover)

Super Spectacle – Harrison Marks No.32 8mm Film
Vivienne – Harrison Marks No.35 8mm Film

Other Publications: 
Kamera Calendar 1964

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