Dawn Grayson – Key Strip

A Dawn Grayson still of her in blonde wig taken during the shooting of the Harrison Marks 8mm film ‘Key Strip’.  This was shot on the ‘Hollywood’ set at Lily Place Studios in 1964.
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  1. Keep this photograph in the back of your mind, or more to the point the negligee she is wearing. I think I have seen Monique Deveraux, amongst other models, wearing the same one. Bit like the one, though not the same, that Jayne Tracey and Britt Hampshire share.

    • Good spot Phil! The one in this shot is very similar if not the same as worn by Monique Devereaux, although the one worn by Monique was a very dark pink/red colour and you can't tell the colour in this shot. It would make sense really that clothing, like the sets would be re-used multiple times by different models.

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