Mary Stephan (Caroline Coon) – Rogue Magazine

Mary Stephan from the pages of Rogue Magazine Vol.20 No.15 (December 1968).  Taken by GHM on the Xmas/Winter set that he used for the Kamera Winter Special (1967) and ‘Festive Spirit’ glamour film featuring Dawn Grayson.  It seems that this winter setting appeared across numerous December publications at this time.

Correction – I originally had this down as Rosalie Peters, but my error was pointed out and it is indeed Mary Stephan, or Caroline Coon when she wore a blonde wig.
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  1. I do believe this to be Caroline Coon, also a model for the GHM holiday photoshoot.

  2. Definitely not Rosalie Peters

    • No I made a mistake identifying it as Rosalie Peters, but believe the Anonymous person correctly identified it as Caroline Coon with a blonde wig and going under the name Mary Stephan! I checked several images and both Caroline and Mary have identical moles in various places. So thanks to Anon for correcting my error.

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