The Stripper and The Jaguar – Unknown Model not Revealed!

Following on from this article trying to identify an unknown model and some excellent feedback from Ozprof I’ve located the full article from Satana Magazine No.8 (Summer 1965) and also thought I’d had an epiphany on the model!  It’s Elaine Desmond (It’s not!) with a beehive hairstyle! I knew I recognised her but couldn’t put a name to the face.  Anyway the full article with magazine cover for completeness.  

Update: Thanks to the commenters below we have established it isn’t Elaine Desmond, but who is it then and was her real name Marie Provost?  Added to the unknown models page for further identification.

Molly Peters very clearly seen as the chauffeur in this shot!

Satana Magazine No.8 (Summer 1965)

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  1. Marie Provost appeared in Kamera 61 on pages 7, 20, 32, 38, and 46. Facial features such as the nose and teeth (smiling photos) are quite different between Elaine Desmond and Marie Provost. They are not the same individuals.

    • Damn I was convinced I'd worked out who it was, but wrong again! I would be interested to see her in Kamera 61 as she's not identified as a GHM model on his official site, but that doesn't mean she didn't model for him! Also I wonder if that was her actual name as I can't find any other reference material about her other than this and now Kamera 61,

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