Marie Provost – Saggy Around The Seams! (Original)

A classic shot from the 1960’s of Marie Provost posing in stockings and high heels perched on the side of an armchair. Marie also had a classic beehive hairstyle in most of her shots and this comes from a set of original contact sheets featuring Marie sent over by Kevin. She needs to pull those stockings taught as they are a bit saggy around the seams!


Marie Provost – Bedroom Beehive! (Original)

Marie Provost posing in a bedroom of GHM’s flat from a scan of one of my original negatives. The original image of Marie appeared in Kamera No.61 P32 (1964) and I’ve cropped this image to the same proportion as the magazine. I love Marie’s very 1960’s beehive hairstyle, plus the this images is slightly less censored than the magazine version, with just a hint of things showing between her legs, but not much!


Marie’s Precarious Position! (Original)

Marie Provost posing in a very precarious position stood wearing high heels on a windowsill at Ewhurst Manor!  I don’t have many of Marie but this came from Kevin and is a different shot indeed. Love the open blouse, sheer panties over the suspenders and stockings and ornate dining chair to the right, but god knows why she got up there!


Marie Provost – The Best of Kamera Vol.2 Cover

One of the few missing covers from my collection of Kamera magazine covers and thanks to Yak from the Official Pamela Green site for providing the scan. The cover features Marie Provost or as I’ve seen her named somewhere else recently Tina Sherwood, but not been able to verify that name yet! And would you believe it but shortly after getting a copy of the cover a copy of the actual magazine appears on eBay, typical!

Maria Prokaine – The Girl Who Wanted To Live Dangerously!

Maria Prokaine (Marie Provost) from the tri-coloured pages of Parade Magazine No.1228 (22nd June, 1963).  All shots look like they were taken on the stairs or in the main doorway of Ewhurst Manor, still not sure about the beehive hairstyle she has though!